Arnel Pineda January 14, 2019

Select the desired amount of money along with the term of the loan. Using a special online calculator, you can instantly calculate a payment. It is worth noting that the maximum period for processing the first loan is 30 days.
Specify a bank card.
Confirm the application. This is done by entering a one-time code in a special field. The code comes by SMS message, which is sent to the specified mobile phone number in the application form. It is important to confirm the application, otherwise it will not be considered.
After processing the application, the employee of the company contacts the borrower and clarifies the details of the application. After this, a decision is made for a maximum of 2 minutes. As a result of a positive response, the money will be instantly transferred to a bank card.

How to find out the decision to issue a private loan?
Lending to individuals is a high probability of a positive response and quick loan processing. After the decision is made, the applicant receives an SMS message, which informs about the issue of money or refusal. To find out the answer, you can also go to your personal account and check the status of the application. If a positive decision comes, the funds will be instantly credited to the PrivatBank card. If the applicant has indicated a card of another Canadian bank, the transfer can take place within 1 hour.

Ways to repay a private loan
Payment of the loan can be carried out, both ahead of schedule and in parts. The borrower can choose the most convenient way to repay the loan, in particular:

Through the card of any Ukrainian bank. To do this, go to your Personal Account on the Internet site and select the option “pay the loan.” This section will display the remaining amount.
Through the PrivatBank self-service terminal. For this you need to specify the details.
Through the cash desk of any bank of Ukraine, using the correct details.
With online banking. When filling out the details you need to specify the purpose of payment. In this box, the full name of the borrower, his TIN and the contract number shall be entered.

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